Americans walk on the line of the Iraqi crisis and Biden send his national security adviser to Baghdad
Posted 14/06/2012 01:00 PM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation" of Ahmed al-Lami
Income Americans on the line of the Iraqi crisis and the Vice-President, Joseph Biden to sending his national security adviser, Tony Blinken to Baghdad.

Maliki's future today Blinken

In this regard, he met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the American envoy in Baghdad today and assured him that "Iraq with its democratic system is capable of solving all the problems and overcome all challenges to his way."
According to a statement from Maliki's office, the latter called on to "move forward in the coordination between the Iraq and the United States so as to enhance opportunities for security and stability in the region, "stressing the" strong ties between the two countries. "
Maliki said that "Iraq is pursuing an independent policy away from the policy themes that are trying to put Iraq in a particular axis against the axis of another."
As cited Maliki's office the "Blinken said the convergence of views between the two countries on various problems and challenges experienced by Iraq and the region, pointing out that" Iraq's role is reinforced constantly through Mahakgah during this stage. "