Deputy for the National Alliance: There are files criminal charges against al-Maliki, but is not the time to open it
Date: Thursday, 14/06/2012 15:27

Baghdad (news) .. Predicted MP / National Alliance / table Silawi, to hold a hearing to question the prime minister al-Maliki before the (21) of this month, noting that the masses demand the withdrawal of confidence will soon be the person who will take over the questioning after the request of the Presidency determine the mechanism of interrogation, timing, duration of time.
The Silawi (for the Agency news) on Thursday: The determination of state law to adhere to Maliki as prime minister will arrive in the components of the National Alliance to a crossroads.

She added that plans to open a mass Files "criminal" against al-Maliki after coming out of the current crisis, but the moment is appropriate to open those files, there is no real institutions can rely on.

She explained: that the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki is the constitutionality of a civilized process guaranteed by the Constitution and reject does not believe in democracy.

Said: There are practices suffered by many MPs on withdrawing their signatures, and the MP who is looking for people's interest not to succumb to these pressures.