Washington is offering support to Iraq to hunt down the perpetrators of the bombings and bring them to justice
13/06/2012 - 14:45

Sumerian News / Baghdad
The United States of America, Wednesday, condemned the bombings, which targeted different parts of Iraq today, killing and wounding at least 300 people, while confirming that it is ready to provide support to Iraq to help the perpetrators of these bombings and bring them to justice.

A statement issued today by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and received "Alsumaria News", a copy of "Washington strongly condemns the terrorist attacks that took place today in Iraq, which resulted in the deaths and wounding of innocent men, women and children at various religious affiliations and ethnic groups in all parts of Iraq." .

The statement added that "the United States stands side by side with all the Iraqis who are doing their best to abandon this senseless violence and eradicate it from their country, and Sntekatf with them during the march of progress forward in Iraq is more stable enjoy sovereignty and dependent on himself," stressing "the need to bring the perpetrators of These cowardly terrorist attacks to justice. "

The statement stressed "the United States is willing to support the Iraqi security forces in any way possible."

The security sources and a healthy Iraq said on Wednesday, that at least 300 people, including visitors, soldiers and security agents were killed or wounded in more than 35 bombings carried out with car bombs and roadside bombs and armed attacks and mortar fire and hit eight Iraqi provinces, was the heaviest in Baghdad and Babylon .

Experienced and Baghdad and seven other provinces today, Wednesday, (13 June), more than 32 bombings, that killed and injured more than 300 people, including visitors, soldiers and security agents, and carried out the bombings car bombs, improvised explosive devices and armed attacks and mortar, while still acts of violence going so far.

Comes the bombings in conjunction with the revival of the Shiite Muslims of the anniversary of the death of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, corresponding to the twenty-fifth of the month of Rajab, which falls this year on 16 June, where mean thousands of visitors on foot Imam Ali shrine in the city of Kadhimiya north of Baghdad.

Has seen the capital, Baghdad, in the (June 4 current), a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber at the gate of the headquarters of the agency that oversees the Shiite in the holy door, central Baghdad, killing 20 people and infected 116 others were injured, meanwhile, announced the Sunni Endowment after a few hours of having been subjected to bomb a number of mortar shells.

And the adoption of al-Qaeda, in (June 10, 2012), the bombing, which targeted the headquarters of the Shiite Endowment, stressing that it was in response to the campaign "Safavid government" in the confiscation of land and property of the rape of the Sunnis.

The president's nominee Barack Obama for the post of ambassador to his country Iraq's new Brett Makjurk considered, in the June 7, 2012, that the Iraqi government did not succeed in weakening the influence of al-Qaeda, it is still able to carry out attacks every 30 or 40 days, while the government has called on Ambassador to a new reading of the capacity of the organization in the country, but did not deny that the al Qaeda threat remains.