Mullah: if Maliki was careful to what the Iraqi people remained silent about any file for long periods

06/13/2012 21:59

BAGHDAD / Knights of hopeCriticized the existing threats to the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the deputies of the coalition of state law to open files, some politicians Musharh that if al-Maliki was careful on the Iraqi people to file for any silent for long periods. A spokesman for the Iraqi List Haider Mulla, "The mass of the consultative meeting opposed to the dictatorship confirmed it seeks to protect the political process and democracy through the withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki and the commissioning of the National Alliance to submit a new candidate enjoys the confidence of the people and the political blocs and be able to abide by the constitution and political agreements, including the Convention on the Arbil formed the current government. " "Instead of showing al-Maliki said his respect for the Constitution and the mechanisms of democracy began to threaten the files as usual against Alssayasaan partners in the curriculum, if anything it shows that some of the parties to understand democracy in one direction only when it serves their interests."He pointed out "that the Iraqi and its partners from the Sadrist movement and the Kurdistan Alliance and some of the forces of the National Alliance assert condemnation of the threats that will not Tzadhm not resolve and determination to move to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, even if al-Maliki is keen to benefit the people of what kept these files (if approved by the) paper in his hand uses to protect itself and its interests, and presented to the courts or competent authorities according to the dictates of the location of responsibility. "