Supreme Council Maliki threatens to go to the withdrawal of confidence about it!!!
Published on Wed, 13 June 2012 20:34

According to sources close to the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim said a meeting was held in his office attended by former Vice-President Adel Abdul-Mahdi has been a research subject of withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki.

The sources said that, for (state owned), Wednesday, "The leadership of the Supreme Council decided at that meeting that if Maliki's insistence on his position and lack of seriousness to find quick fixes that will give guarantees for the parties to the conflict to resolve the crisis in order to serve the success of the political process and consolidate the principle of national partnership , the Supreme Council will have his, forcing him to go with the project confidence and agreeing on a new prime minister to ensure the rights of all parties to policy and reduce the political tensions that could lead to civil war in the future. "