President of the Republic to respond to Allawi: your statements alien to reality, honesty and truthfulness

Date: Wed, 13/06/2012 22:25

Expressed by President Jalal Talabani surprise at the statements made ​​by the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, which he noted that Talabani is one of the proposed withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. A statement by the President's office today, "" has been in previous statements made ​​clear beyond a shadow of the confusion the fact that the position of President Talabani, but we find ourselves forced to return back to this subject and demonstrate that the paper presented to the meeting of Irbil in 28/4 included nine items, including a proposal confidence, and know that Allawi prepared and presented by the president was not that Talabani is proposed. "The head of the coalition, "Iraq," Allawi said in a statement to the newspaper "Life", published in London that the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister was a proposal from the President of the Republic of Iraq.

"With respect to the opinions of Allawi and his political career is this statement sparked feelings of confusion and puzzlement, especially as it comes in the context of a series of statements for a number of leaders of the" Iraqi "and the deputies and their close associates, which suggests and which are all in the same direction is that the president" pledged "or" presented a paper, "or even that" a constitutional obligation "to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister." "It was proposed that the approach paper to the National Alliance, and not to the House of Representatives, and, if not to deal positively with them so they can be displayed subject of withdrawal of confidence. Suggested that the authors of the paper that the notice will be given one month to respond but Allawi is an application which cut the time to a week and after discussion it was agreed over a period of two weeks. " The statement said that "the President declined to sign the paper and asked his colleagues in the leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) present at the meeting to refrain from signing as well, stressing at the same time that in the event of rejection of the National Alliance or the Prime Minister commit to the principles and frameworks and agreements, it will be directed to the House request to withdraw confidence, and called to focus on the need for reforms and refused to monopolize power, while present at the meeting confined the bulk of their interest in the subject of no confidence. " He said: "President Talabani later received official notifications from the National Alliance and the Prime Minister to prepare for the respect and implementation of previous agreements and taking into account paragraphs contained in the" Letter of Arbil, "except paragraph no confidence."He said, "This is a fact the position of President Talabani, who always stems from being the head of the state and must therefore remain neutral and patron of the national consensus and reunification and unity which will make him lose the role if you stop with one party against another party."

The statement concluded by saying "We hope that this statement puts an end to the statements Almjavih of reality and contrary to the spirit of constructive dialogue, honesty and truthfulness."Declaration by the Presidency of the Republic in response to the fabrications Iyad Allawi, President Talabani. %25D8%25A9/index.1.html&usg=ALkJrhiwHpug-FbtOovX26JwnvGWt6ImoQ