Make the Kurdistan Alliance, Tuesday, not support for the travel of the President Jalal Talabani outside Iraq, calling on him to respect the request to censure Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki signed 176 deputies, with the number of signatures fluctuating up to 190 after the legislative recess of Parliament.

And Deputy coalition in an interview for mohama Khalil "Sumerian news", "the Kurdistan Alliance did not support President to travel outside Iraq at this time, because it is necessary to have a position in these circumstances affecting the country."

Was President Jalal Talabani said in a statement issued hours ahead of Lille (9 June), "he planned therapeutic journey earlier this month but was postponed to next week, pending verification of signatures and quorum".

Khalil said that "President Saher safety Constitution and must be equidistant with all", calling on him to respect the request to censure Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki signed ".

Khalil said that "the number of signatures of Deputies claim of no confidence reached 176 signatures and then become 160 signatures after the withdrawal of a number of Deputies according to the statement of the Office of the President of the Republic", likely to claim the number of signatures "to withdraw confidence from the Prime to 190 after the legislative recess and return certain deputies".

Prime Minister faces currently claims no confidence by a number of political blocs, notably the comrades and the Iraqi list and the Kurdistan Alliance, warns Congress about state law from repercussions of this move on the political process.

And detect existing leader, Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi on Tuesday (June 12, 2012), President Jalal Talabani was the proposed no-confidence motion in the first meeting, held in late April last year, said Talabani was assured the meeting in Arbil as unable to withdraw confidence from without entering into constitutional mechanisms, pointing to strong opposition to Al-Maliki continues to draft confidence through questioning in Parliament.

With the State of law Coalition challenge led by Nouri al-Maliki, said Tuesday that all of the existing leader dares to Iraq at the request of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Parliament questioned the President, demanding no-confidence "conspirators".

And accused the Iraqi list led by Iyad Allawi, on Monday, the President of the Republic "repudiation" of the Constitution and the diversion 180 names Deputy signed a no-confidence motion against the coalition Government led by State law, after having declared in (9 June) that his message on no-confidence motion against Maliki did not report to Parliament for the lack of a quorum after withdrawal of 11 deputies.

Iraq also warned its partners resort to international forums to resolve political crisis two days after the announcement of the letter sent by the sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr (9 June) to the Secretary-General of the United Nations through its representative in Iraq Martin Kobler demands that play their role in the current crisis of Iraq, particularly in the area of lack of State management partnership exclusivity and encroaching on fundamental freedoms and actions taken prisoners.

Sadr confirmed Monday (11 June 2012), he signed with its partners politicians who met in Erbil and Najaf to change the Prime Minister, and not the Government, to be the candidate of the National Alliance, arguing that it goes way on who accuse him of Pentacostal Shiite National Alliance.

Opposing political blocs agreed to head of Government meeting that met in Erbil, on 10 June, to continue to mobilize parliamentary forces to confront the phenomenon of control and individualism "in government administration, decided to send a letter to the President of the Republic is illustrative underlined the validity of signatures of Deputies and adequacy of the constitutionally required number of no-confidence.

The country was experiencing a political crisis some observers it confirms escalating under the differences between the political blocs, having shifted from a difference between the Iraqi list and the rule of law to the last variation with the Kurdistan Alliance and comrades and other parties and currents.