BAGHDAD - The citizens
expect the leader of the Iraqi bloc white Aziz Sharif Mayahi that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki questioned the political blocs in the House and not vice versa. said in a press statement today: "The securities owned by the Prime Minister on some blocks, both in the areas of political corruption or service in addition to the inability of ministers of those blocks to provide the most basic services to citizens and cover up their bloc on them from accountability will be leaves a strong pressure from Maliki to those blocks in the event of his call for Geslh interrogation. " and added: "The state law does not have the ministerial cab only and Higher Education Minister Ali al-Adeeb either Other ministries have been imposed on al-Maliki from the rest of the blocks and put file services and administrative corruption would be an adventure is calculated from your results and overturn the results on them for sure. " said Mayahi, "said Maliki his political skills and the currency under the light of the sun and in accordance with the Constitution makes it enters the questioning session is armed with all the What will make the session turns at a very short time from the interrogation of al-Maliki to the contrary, while those blocks will face a deficit and the corruption of their ministers, and perhaps will turn the questioning session of the Council of Representatives and not the owners. "