Sunday June 10, 2012
Jaafari confirmed that the National Alliance is keen to close ranks within its components and its relations with the rest of the blocks

BAGHDAD - and babysit -The head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari said the alliance confirms its intention to proceed in the way of dialogue and joint investment of all constructive political opportunities, to address all the problems at hand, and to maintain national achievements.Jaafari said in a statement received news agency, public opinion, a copy of it today it was "based on national principles held by the Iraqi National Alliance, and his keenness to enhance relations and building bridges with all the other alliances in order to build our beloved Iraq and its different institutions, and a commitment to the Constitution voted by the the Iraqi people, and pursuant to the called for by the National Alliance of the adoption of a mechanism of dialogue that does not exclude any block or character of an Iraqi national, and not to neglect any initiative made by any of the political parties, the Iraqi National Alliance confirms its intention to proceed in the way of mutual dialogue and to utilize all opportunities constructive political, to address all the problems at hand, and to maintain national achievements, and also confirms the strong desire to close ranks within its components, as it emphasizes the strengthening alliance relationship with the rest of the blocks on the foundations of the National itself. "He continued, "The National Alliance to find in the papers presented either by the President of the Republic or Erbil meeting or other meetings, the tributaries of constructive to enrich the {National Meeting} desired, which aspires by our people, to overcome the problems plaguing the political arena, and put Iraq on the outskirts of a new phase characteristics basic, development and the fight against corruption, and raising the level of service, and the absorption of all Iraqi political forces, and the consolidation of external relations with countries of the world in general, and especially the neighboring countries on the basis of common interests, and non-interference in internal affairs ".He pointed out that "We very much hope with all national political forces to remain united in favor of national, national priorities and bearing all the above considerations, in order to achieve the objectives of our people, fair, and God the Source of strength."And escalate the pace of the differences between the political blocs on the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki by some political blocs and the National Alliance and a coalition of private law