Page has been turned

Author: Muhammad Abdul-Jabbar carp
06/11/2012 0:00

Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar carp
rolled President Jalal Talabani, and his protector of the Constitution, page withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, after he had confirmed to him that the claimants did not meet the no-confidence constitutional legal quorum required for this big step in the political life of any democratic country. Accordingly, he decided to travel out of Iraq next week, for the purposes of treatment, a trip that was for it to await the outcome of the current round of political conflict in Iraq. Since the fate of the tour have been confirmed and it turns out, is no longer there is no reason to postpone travel, knowing that the President of the Republic was not binding originally including disposition of campaign signatures demanding the withdrawal of confidence, but he "agreed to do as a compromise may result in the crisis to the solution." But what to do if the number was incomplete quorum? So does not have a President of the Republic to send the request to the Parliament, and considered the topic to be null.
In his letter, which explained these details, keen President of the Republic on a statement of some constitutional issues essential that Tgavlha and ignored in recent times, such as trading names of candidates replacements for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers where he announced that this process "flagrant violation" of the provisions of the Constitution. He also announced his conviction that the political crisis being caused by the call for the withdrawal of confidence causing "congestion socially and security and disrupts the functioning of economic construction," emphasizing the need for dialogue and meeting to discuss his proposals as a way peaceful, political and constitutional resolve the political problems faced by the political process.
and now, having wrapped up Page confidence, it is no defect in the democratic political morality, to announce their owners that the tour is over, and that the step did not achieve its purpose, and they want to reform the behavior of another political process, that is the dialogue and the meeting or the transition to constitutional parliamentary opposition. Both options shall be guaranteed to everyone under the Constitution, nor is taking any of them political defeat and retreat from what he believes those concerned.
does not raise the call to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister or the government panic in any democratic system, this is the right guaranteed to all under as determined by the country's Constitution of the mechanisms of that, but insist it after she was unable to achieve, is a waste of efforts and energies, time and negatively affects the national interest of public, private and that it is possible to achieve political goals and the public interest in many ways, where "all roads lead to Rome" as they say.
Therefore, it may be better, It is the closest to achieving the national interest of the public, that the efforts are focused now, until a general election, after less than two years, to reform the political process, and establish practices and constitutional traditions of sound, and strengthen the government's ability to deliver, especially since the owners to call for the withdrawal of confidence by participants in the government strongly and in large numbers. This with the observation that the ministers of the political blocs that called for the withdrawal of trust does not express, publicly at least, for their support for the withdrawal of confidence from the government which they are engaged, and they have not withdraw from it.
and if the page is no confidence has been turned, Feltfath page for positive action for the common good , instead of bickering that has spent a significant amount of time the nation and the people!