Calls for a national meeting of the exit of the current crisis
Baghdad / justice - 10/06/2012 - 12:49 AM

Trends in the framework of efforts to resolve the political crisis in the country's political parties stressed the importance of a national meeting called by President Jalal Talabani. The Secretary General of the Badr Organization affiliated to the National Alliance Hadi al-Amiri said "get out of the current political crisis in the country is to hold the national meeting.

Amery said that "a national meeting and to attend and sit all the political parties together and openness between the parties politicians according to Macflh Constitution which is our reference to resolve differences and conflicts, and state-building is the guarantor of resolving the current crisis and will enhance the stability of the political, security and move toward building state institutions and achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people" .

For his part, MP for the Iraqi bloc white Aziz Sharif Mayahi that the general attitude of most of the blocks began approaching a national meeting. He said Mayahi that "the political blocs started to reach a conclusion and a clear Boan hold national meeting is the closest and safest to resolve the current crisis and achieve the reforms after they discovered some of the blocks the fragility of their composition and that was the cause of alienated many of its members because of their conviction by politicians leaders of the bloc."