Sunday, June 10, 2012 10:02

Mahma Khalil: the current stage requires a change-Maliki

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mahma Khalil, Maliki said the threat of the political blocs that you want to withdraw confidence from the government as an act is incorrect

Khalil said in a statement to the Agency / the Baghdadi News / "The political blocs have worked according to the mechanics of constitutional and democratic claim to withdraw confidence from the government, considering that this step is not in retaliation for the person-Maliki, but the current stage requires for change given that the government is unable to implement the consensus and political agreements and services to citizens. "

Khelil said that "the political blocs, which met in Erbil, Najaf does not concern them these threats from any source was considered to be the orientation of these blocks in the interest of the Iraqi people and what he saw the Iraqi people in this matter, and this is the only concern.

"He pointed that "if the political majority in Parliament is unwilling to withdraw confidence from the government, we Senbark because we believe the steps of democracy, but the reality says that" the political blocs already decided to withdraw confidence from the current government according to the foundations of constitutional democracy.

"The MP for the Alliance Mahma Khalil, had confirmed that "the political blocs Taatbages currently in the second step on an alternative that will succeed the prime minister," noting that they "want to have the alternative to choose a consensus after the National Alliance of agreed upon by the masses." / End