Ha段ri spoke in the tongue of Maliki
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    Ha段ri spoke in the tongue of Maliki

    Ha’iri spoke in the tongue of Maliki
    Sunday, 10 June 2012 09:59

    Zeki Ridha/
    If we look at the Iraqi constitution and read it quietly and being far from any prior position towards its articles that are still poorly understood , in terms of selective interpretation to them by the various political blocs that jump on many of its clauses, and ask the Supreme Constitutional Court, "especially the Dawa Party," to interpret the "ambiguous" items in conformity with the political desires, we can touch a very important issue which is the lack of clear text and explicit calls for Iraq to be an Islamic state.

    On the contrary, if we review the "Constitution," we can see it emphasizing the democratic state and this is what came by Article 1 first paragraph, which states that (the Republic of Iraq is a single federal, independent, fully sovereign, the regime of the government is republican, parliamentary democratic, and that the Constitution is guarantor of the unity of Iraq).

    Either about the sources of legislation, the Constitution did not impose Shari’ah to be a source of legislation but, as stated in Article 4, first paragraph, (Islam is the official state religion. It is a basic source of legislation:
    A - No law may be enacted that contradicts the established provisions of Islam.
    B - No law may be enacted that contradicts the principles of democracy.
    C - No law may be enacted that contradicts the rights and basic freedoms stipulated in this Constitution)

    According to the two constitutional articles above, for which secularists should fight today and to fight tomorrow forcibly for amending them in line and consistent with the basic principles of human rights and building civil society that crosses ethnic communities.

    We do not see that there is a danger hanging over democracy as a title for the time being, but the danger lies in the future when the forces of religious sectarianism then have established a set of "Islamic" values among the masses as a result of its dominance on the centers of decision-making and control over the media and ownership of money and political use in the elections seasons, which may change and will change the future for the benefit of other forces which are outside of the calculations of the Islamists today as a result of their failure "the Islamist" today in the management of "state" and failure to comply their election slogans (for lack of programs) to provide the most basic services to their constituents, at least not to mention the rest of our people.

    Many of politicians, intellectuals and writers count the fear of the Islamization of the state in the long run by the parties of political Islam as an unjustified fear due to the lack of legislation or the issuance of laws restricting freedoms of people, betting at the same time to move the democratic process forward far with the existence of these forces .

    They are Forgetting "intentionally or for omission which is not innocent ," that these forces have two policies which are seemingly what brought by the Constitution and the need to abide by it, and secondly, and this is what many omit , "up to a certain intention" is the work on the Islamization of society through the fight against personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and the intervention in the privacy of a person's life in Iraq.

    So we see the religious forces working in several provinces and by their boards to entrench Islamization, slowly and evasively , through the prohibition of music and the fight against cinema, theater and other arts such as painting, sculpture and oppressing on them, and the bombing of several stores that sell alcoholic beverages and killing their owners, and the imposing of the veil in schools, universities and workplaces through the abuse of the dignity of non-veiled women and attempt to separate the sexes in universities and institutes.

    Even it came to preventing children's circus according to funny arguments as happened in Basra, years ago. This was crowned by prohibiting the singing in the weddings halls and preventing the artistic festivals, as happened to Babylon Festival.

    In a tradition which is incomparable except in Iraq, the citizens, during their going to the departments of the state today address the employees with the word "Hajji" instead of the word Mr. that they had been using, before the plague of Islamic which came upon us after the Ba’athist regime as a heavy guest ,looting the country and the people and changing Iraq into ruins .They changed the olive dress and the word Sir, to the "ring" and the word Moulaiy “Master “.

    The Islamization of society is the ultimate goal of sectarian Islamist parties in Iraq and those who say they are not seeking it lie . Otherwise they are not sectarian Islamist parties at all. The strive to reach this goal requires “within the demands” ,numerous restrictions on personal freedoms, "a right guaranteed by the Constitution," in the name of Islam, customs and traditions and to narrow their spaces " by the force of visible and invisible militias ", in return for unleashing the masses of these parties to engage in all the rituals, "a right guaranteed by the Constitution as well " with the state protection with all its security and the financial, media, institutions harnessed for this purpose.

    Even it came to declare a curfew before the secular forces being conducting any event . They used to suppress them by military forces and media, after linking their activities with the Fascist Ba’ath and restrict them and even prevent them, in return for granting the Islamic forces backed by the government complete freedom to demonstrate at the time and place they fix , and sometimes it comes to bring "demonstrators "From far away to distinguish secular demonstrations with cold weapons like sticks as happened when they brought demonstrators backed by the government of Maliki from the city of Karbala who attacked demonstrators in Tahrir Square, leaving dozens of injured.

    The attack of al-Maliki against the secularity and modernity during his speech at a ceremony to mark the 32nd memory of the martyrdom of al-Sadr held in the city of Najaf last April, and he counted in addition to Marxism and atheism as the basis on which he and his party continue to fight ,is the literal translation of his and his party’s goal towards building of religious theocracy, which does not come by the Constitution, which al-Maliki today wants to refer to after a surge of voices calling for his ouster, and replacing him with another one from his alliance "Although our understanding of his hostility to Marxist and atheism ideology."

    The above-mentioned talk is counted as a translation of what is in the mind of any cleric, regardless of his community. This is what brought Ha’iri, who came on the line of the Iraqi crisis from his place in the Iranian city of Qum to issue a” fatwa” “ advisory opinion” that prohibited the withdrawal of confidence from al-Maliki. I wish he stopped at this point, but we see he indulges in fighting Iraqi political forces " to serve Iranian agenda" contributing in the political process such as the Kurds and the Iraqia List and all the Democrats' by prohibiting alliance with them by Islamic forces because they are secular.

    He is forgetting or ignoring that the current government led by the Shi'ites today was not able to be formed without their agreement with the secular "infidels", those whom he calls to fight today. Also he is pretending to have forgotten that without the secular governments of Europe and United States of America the "devil Bazerg" according to Iranian media and their war and occupation of Iraq there would be no Iraqi government which is loyal to the regime in Tehran, neither parties, and Iraqi political blocs loyal to Riyadh and Ankara, Doha and other capitals that work collectively and individually to humiliate Iraq and the Iraqis, and the criminal Saddam Hussein and his bloody party would be still in power and the opposition are divided as the case today after home beginning to fade as an entity in return for their sectarianism and nationality.

    Does this Ha’iri know that we the people did not make use of oil money that reached in the reign of his sons the Islamists beyond the 500 (million) dollars a day and why does he issue fatwas for prohibition of the stolen money of the poor among whom are Shiites. Perhaps the majority of them are poor by virtue of the numerical abundance them?

    And where is this Ha’iri on the issue of services and their shortages and the daily suffering of the Iraqis because of them ?

    Why does not he issue fatwas prohibiting this bribery, forgery and fraud practiced by the power in Iraq?
    Why does not he demand the sons of his race not to cut water from rivers of Iraq and the killing of Iraqi land of thirst and stop pumping heavy water to the Shatt al-Arab and turn it into a tap in the State of the Supreme Leader?

    We do not have O Ha’iri in the era of your children who are ruling the country today, schools and hospitals. We have no water, no electricity, and our industry is broken down, and our agriculture is on its way to death. After that we even import vegetables from your high state to change the balance trade for billions of dollars in your favor.

    Here may some of the slaves stand to say that Ha’iri has nothing to do to provide services and other demands of our people because it is up to the government and politicians in the country . This is true if, Ha’iri does not slip his nose in a purely Iraqi affair is, unless he wants to entrench sectarianism and bless it and that's what Iraqi sectarian parties are working to achieve as a long-term strategic objective.

    Ha’iri’s fatwa “ advisory opinion” and Maliki's speech in Najaf and the actions of the provincial councils are contrary to the Constitution and they fight individual freedoms .They unleash the clergy in the confiscating of awareness and dedicating of ignorance and backwardness and superstition in the society and many others . This will have to combine the democratic forces that believe in the civil state . They will take it upon themselves to build a healthy society free from the disease of quotas in which we are living today.

    The growth and the width of democratic movement to promote its real role and what is required from it in this difficult historical period of the life of the nation is no longer a luxury to be an intellectual dialogue and debate on the priorities and who will be in the lead. The ship of Iraq is heading towards the unknown thanks to its pirates of the poles of quotas today.

    The only capable pilot that restore the Iraqi vessel to the safe place are the Democrats with their unity and solidity and their work because they have a very high platform and, because history will judge all the forces that claim democracy. They will be crowned with shame if they do not look for new effective formulas to sit with each other in order to save the nation, which has become threatened by fragmentation more than before.

    Finally I would like to ask a very important question on sectarian writers or those who are marching on the line of sectarianism, especially those who filled the pages of online articles to defend one side of the Government of quotas that they are the only "patriots" in Iraq while the others are only agents of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Bedouins countries.

    Why does an Iranian cleric have the right of interference in internal affairs of Iraq and to stand with a political movement against another, while an Arab cleric or from any other country does not have the right to interfere in political affairs for the benefit of the Iraqi political movement against another? In other words why is Iranian interference in Iraqi political affairs counted as " Halal ast"” permitted “ and the intervention of other countries, is " Haram ast “ “prohibited “.

    The real patriot is that who stands against the two parties and their followers , the politicians who carry out the agenda for these countries to break up Iraq or weaken it in the best cases counting all forms of intervention by any other party as "Haram Ast." “ prohibited “

    Patriotism dress is very loose and wide for the cretin bodies .
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