Altercation and the deep differences between the writer and al-Maliki may have ridden the unity of "Dawa"

Palm - leaders held the first row in the Islamic Dawa Party meeting described Bamufsali and decisive yesterday at the headquarters of the prime minister in the Green Zone, said a source close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has expanded its differences with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the writer, which led to delay the elections, General Secretariat of the Party call / Headquarters, led by al-Maliki.

The source, who ran to him certain information from within the meeting and declined to be named, said the most prominent leaders present were Ali al-Adeeb, Haidar al-Abadi, Hassan Sinead, and Abdel-Halim Zuhairi and others focused on the unification of the situation inside the corridors of the party about the crisis of confidence, especially after the rumors on the existence of substantial differences between leaders preachers about the eligibility of al-Maliki to stay in his position and the differences between Maliki and the writer in particular.

A source close to the Prime Minister said that the reasons for postponement of elections the General Secretariat of the Dawa Party, comes because of the escalation of disputes between the party leader Nuri al-Maliki and Ali al-Adeeb, explaining that the differences come against the backdrop of management writer of the file and the Ministry of Education and to deal with the Baathists who returned to the service sharply and is caused by problems of profound political with the Iraqi List.

The source pointed out that the altercation took place between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of the Dawa Party and Minister of Higher Education on the writer, yesterday evening after being told the last de-professors and staffs Baathist from Iraqi universities fully who meet the procedures for accountability and justice law during the holiday school summer which raised Maliki in the effects of surprise the audience when he said to him: whatever measures that are made from a broad front are lined up against us because we were able to provoke them.

However, the writer, according to the source, Re dialect stronger, saying: We believe that the basis of our problem today is (giving the eye) of the Baathists and sent back to the joints of the task of the state, even if we applied the law to them what happened that happened today Baathists them manage sensitive positions in government and you do not Thrcn dwelling He concluded from their source by saying that the leaders of the Dawa Party split between supporters of the owners in those with partial and shared another writer went with him until the end of the meeting, which lasted nearly five hours.

The source also revealed that the differences between deepening Adeeb al-Maliki and led to violent polarization within the Dawa Party offices in various provinces, causing a negative impact on staff affected party and the party's position within Iraqi society, where the two parties become weakened at the expense of strengthening the other.

The source confirmed that the writer, and about two months ago, no longer meets Maliki only in conjunction with meetings of the Council of Ministers and that he was considering Astkhalaffh of the owners believe that Maliki missed many opportunities, Iraq and the party desperately need it and seal the source saying that the leaders of the Dawa Party split between supporters of the owners in those Partial and shared another writer went with him until the end Allajtmaa which lasted nearly five hoursIt is noteworthy that the writer is one of the oldest partisan standpoint of al-Maliki and his influence and the ascendancy within the party at large and believed to entitlement in the replacement of Maliki and the progress in the party.