Khvaya to meet with Maliki and Jaafari-Hakim

08-06-2012 | (Voice of Iraq)
Baghdad - particularly of the truth in Iraq

An official source who was present at the meeting yesterday between Maliki and Jaafari and Hakim, and a number of political leaders representing the three leaders disclosed the details of Madar in the meeting, which lasted about four hours to detail ..
The source said al-Maliki and Jaafari asked the Hakim began to "know the depth of his real-placed confidence of the Prime Minister because, as they called them and said the position of the Supreme Council official rejects no-confidence at the moment is that they are not sure that this situation will last to the end with the increasing numbers the political front opposed to the survival of al-Maliki as "prime minister and the extent of strategic relations enjoyed by the wise with those parties and to meet with al-Hakim al-Sadr and the Sadrists leaks after they offered the post of prime minister Bayan for the withdrawal of project support
Confidence by the Council and accepted by the visit of the references to religious and Metrah reported that Ammar al-Hakim had met in the first hours of the morning there Repertory Sistani
On a visit to these things, not public, and others have made al-Maliki and Jaafari-Hakim begin their session by asking for his real far Srdhm to those details ..

The source added that Ammar al-Hakim responded to questions from the Prime Minister to say that our position is Maalnah former leaders of the five who met in Erbil did not change until the time despite the tower, "We are not with confidence at the moment not to predispose the objective conditions for that also reject the dictatorship in power and uniqueness of the resolutions and we call to a comprehensive dialogue and speed up the National Forum held under the auspices of the President and Sntmacy with any constitutional step to take in the parliament and not outside "
As Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari-Hakim, to mediate in resolving the current crisis and the urgent and rapid movements of the Kurds and Iraqi leaders who have a special relationship with the President of the Supreme Council in order to dissuade them from their decision
For Taahdat written by the Chief Minister to abide by the application of all the terms of the Arbil both public and private, which is the most important is the government resigned, if pulled out Kurds and giving the post of Secretary General of the Council of Ministers of the Kurds as well as the formation of a brigade in the province of Kurdistan, its personnel associate, officers and leaders, Kurds, and be under the eyes of the presidency of the region While their salaries from the budget of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense not to mention other conditions Maliki has vowed to fulfill the direction of Iraq and which also Tsenmanm the Ministry of Defence over the candidate who Ertoh to resolve the issue Hashemi political "as well as the return of al-Mutlaq and the formation of the Policy Board headed by Allawi and made him executive authority and the balance in the security establishment and to give intelligence candidate for the Sunni Arabs of Iraq and run through some change team leaders approved a regional Salahuddin and Anbar ..

The source said al-Hakim Khtaatm after hearing that the concessions made by the Prime Minister refused to be part "of such deals, he said but only" by saying that we will not be part of the process of buying and selling the country
To achieve personal gains and narrow partisan
Mansttia do about this crisis is to call for dialogue and practical solutions to the crises and not implementation of the agreements to Ayalmha to lack of political leaders, "which has led to the silver of the meeting, which lasted nearly 4 hours without breaking out by little and the meeting agreed on the recurrence of such regular meetings and exit at the press conference by emphasizing the constructive dialogue to resolve crisis ..

The Mecheah leaders confidence that they have completed their project to quorum crisis and achieved gain of 50 + which is a coalition of law Mainfah leaders of the phrase "and Tgosaila