Baghdad {: News} Euphrates President of the Republic held a press conference on whatever the current crisis in the coming days, according to Deputy Akulailh good top.

He said the top in a statement after his meeting with Talabani today,
"said President Jalal Talabani will be held in the coming days, a press conference important when talking frankness usual and impartiality between competitors, and that this conference is intended to take place will be a detailed whatever between the two phases and the reference adopted by the political circles and diplomatic and even the media that Ashgletha not still the current crisis. "

He added: "I believe that those who have not the honor to sit down with President Talabani, it may remain about rolling news and statements, which will look only misleading to the public from any source came .. and when the news Juhayna certainty!".

He continued: "I am this occasion, I Bandaúa of President Nuri al-Maliki that it is hoped to silence the tongues and raging with no caveats that describe the MPs in the elected parliament that they were spies and Aadimoa honor .. It is not acceptable norms, suggesting that the Congress government Mahsopon House of Representatives, who sired their government."

He said the top that "al-Maliki to stop the mouths of insulting the leaders of an influential spiritual and political, a descendant of a family with a long history of leadership in religious and national, represented by the character of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr .. never to turn sides in the competition of political Kiemanma issuing statements threaten physical liquidation to one of the symbols of the Iraqi people and Iraqi national. "

Called "al-Maliki that instructs the prevention of decline in the language of political discourse to these sliders serious and would be a natural, if not binding on the parties other that abide by the same amount of respect and promote the language of the speech before it becomes a political class title for the loose customary and away from the state of wisdom and cunning in issues affecting the essence of national unity and social cohesion in a country where political blocs turned into raging boilers. "

He said "the statements of the Vice-aggravation cut benevolent efforts being made ​​in Iraq and neighboring countries now Halhh crisis and the ones that are in the collection of Nuri al-Maliki and Moqtada al-Sadr and Masud Barzani and other leaders at the table of dialogue and one .. It Miomlh people who have come to fear for their future signs of seriously started floating on the surface of events and threatens the future of the country. "

As I come to Bandaúa Iyad Allawi and Osama al that does not call on their part to possess the wisdom and experience and ensure civil peace to continue to release statements that affect the dignity and the pride of the governmental party, which is still time to enjoy the legitimacy of the electoral and constitutional."

He said "I am from this situation .. Invite to a code of honor is a prejudice to the urgent political leadership that a red line as it happens in the cracks and the personal pride it will be difficult to rectify later how to turn the country into the abyss Go."

The President of the Republic received Jalal Talabani at his office in Sulaymaniyah today the future MP Hassan Al-Alawi, and the presence of a leader of the Patriotic Union of Barham Ahmad Saleh closed-door meeting lasted for two hours.