Jaafari, national efforts are still being made to bring the views to eliminate the problems that hinder the progress of the operation the CIA

On: Friday 08/06/2012 11:57

Said Ibrahim Jaafari, head of the Iraqi National Alliance that national efforts are still being made ​​to bring the views and the elimination of the problems and challenges that hinder the progress of the political process "

Jaafari said "in a statement received from library (our site) a copy of it during a meeting with several members of the provincial councils of the National Reform Movement that direct dialogue and construction is the only way for all the blocks and the national forces of the effective exit by the current crisis"

He added, "that inspired the national unity and safety, security and stability of Iraq should be a priority of the dialogues that take place between the political parties."

Jaafari stressed "the need for concerted efforts and energies of each to complete the building of state institutions and the elimination of unemployment and corruption of all kinds and preserving Iraq's sovereignty and deepen relations with Iraq's neighboring countries and the different countries of the world"

Jaafari has called for "cadres of the National Reform Movement to the race to fight corruption and poverty and to contribute actively to building community and providing services to the citizen."