. Sami al-Askari criticizes the "neutral" the religious authority and rely on the U.S. role to resolve the political crisis

06/08/2012 4:04

Criticized the Sami al-Askari, MP for the "rule of law situation impartial religious authority to the political crisis gripping the country, and sufficiency to monitor events, saying:"

We must play a reference role positively as is usual in times of crisis, and not only to monitor events and take a position of neutrality. "

The military rejected the religious authorities in Najaf, led by Sayyed Ali al-Sistani to receive officials and political leaders, while representatives criticized in the Iraqi provinces to ignore the government's performance and meet the demands of the Iraqi people. "

Vice-Askari, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House, expressed his belief the possibility of the use of the American part to urge the parties participating in the government to overcome the political crisis, "the American side was keen to adopt dialogue and consultation with all parties, and urge them to resolve the crisis and alleviate the tension between the blocks participate in the current government, "adding that the U.S. administration" to ensure stability on the political situation, by giving a true picture on the decision to withdraw its troops from Iraq was the right one, and it did not leave the country live in security or political vacuum.