Attributing this to the visit of Imam Kadhim (AS), Parliament extended recess until 21 June

07 June, 2012 08:11:14Huda - Baghdad

Iraqi Council of Representatives decided on Thursday to extend the legislative recess until the twenty-atheist of June current, attributing this to visit the martyrdom of Imam Musa Kadhim, peace be upon him and that her memory will come across the middle of this month.

The Council decision Muhammad Al-Khalidi said in a statement that "the House of Representatives decided to extend his holiday legislative, which was scheduled to expire on the fourteenth day of June current for a period of seven days, noting that" the regular session the first legislative term the third will be held on atheist and twentieth of this month.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives rose, on the seventh of May, past its fortieth to the fourteenth of June, with parliamentary source that the meeting witnessed a majority vote on a new line of accountability and justice, consisting of seven people, was also postponed the vote on the dismissal of the Mayor of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi , and vote on the resolution of the Iraqi asylum seekers were forcibly deported from European countries.