Kurdistan: the absence of an external mediator, "agreed" reduces the chances of finding solutions to problems

06/06/2012 18:45

Dohuk, June 6 (Rn) - The spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi parliament, said the absence of an external mediator agreed between the Iraqi political blocs reduces the chances of success in the task of finding solutions satisfactory to all parties.

A supporter of a good thing for the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn), said on Wednesday that "any independent state, and enjoy full sovereignty, the issue of government formation in or withdrawal of confidence remains a matter for the people of this country alone, is not entitled to anyone else that does this role."

He said, "Upon the occurrence of political differences in any country, it is possible that highlights the role of the mediator outside," However, saying, "but this medium can play a positive role when it is agreed by all parties to the dispute, but if not agreed, will not be able to plays a positive role, and this reduces the chances of reaching a solution satisfactory to all parties. "

He asked good, "Are we talking about countries from neighboring countries acceptable to all parties, is that Iran or Turkey or Saudi Arabia, acceptable to all the Iraqi parties, but even the United States Is it acceptable to all the other" ..He continued, saying, "That's why we believe that the best solution of internal, external, because the solution of difficult to reach him in the absence of an agreed party of all parties to play a positive role required of him."

And check a committee formed by President Jalal Talabani's office headed by the Director in signatures sent to him by the Iraqi List, the Sadrists and the Kurdistan Alliance to withdraw confidence from Maliki's government.

And embarked on the parties to the proceedings to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki after the latter did not seem any response to the demands presented to him last month on the management of the state.

It is hoped that the signatures Talabani sent to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives after making sure it is correct and that in turn will call an extraordinary session to ask to withdraw confidence from the government to a vote.

Since the formation of the current government wrestled with a list of the Iraqi List, a coalition of state law on the overall political issues, but what the differences is the increased entry of the Kurds on the line of political crisis and the Sadrists for his defection from the National Alliance.