Bazzi and the position of Vice-one .. Abdul Salam al-Maliki and Chihod most visible for the rule of law
Date: Thursday, 06.07.2012 8:56

Baghdad / Wael grace
committed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's "silence" the media during the period extending from the confluence of the opposition parties calling for the withdrawal of confidence with him in Najaf under the umbrella of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in 19 of the last month, until his final day on Monday, described by observers to "confused",

He called on the agencies concerned to bring all of the evidence against him carry out fraud or threat to the deputy of the House of Representatives or any practice in violation of the law, and bring him to justice to hold him accountable.
Adviser to the Prime Minister Mary Rayes believes that Maliki is "committed to calm and not to statements with respect to the crisis because of his faith aspect of the constitutional and democratic who lead the political process in Iraq did not return that makes it a war of words ", referring them to Matqom by the political parties calling for a change of prime minister did not raise" anger-Maliki. "
Rais and in contact with the "long" stressed the Prime Minister remained silent, "even found a deviation in the democratic process and the pursuit of some parties to the confiscation of public opinion and forging signatures of Representatives. "
But on the other side were figures from within the rule of law (the second row as they are called) has taken the lead and defended in fierce about the legitimacy of al-Maliki to stay in power, describing situation after the withdrawal of confidence by the chaos and division, and committed MPs Mohammed Saadoun Alziod, and Abdul Salam al-Maliki the helm of the defense, led by their statements and their forms most of the local newspapers and news agencies, has become so familiar they look very similar, Bzehma Arab (and sensible Alishmag South). While marks observers retreat figures of the line the first law of the state like (Sami al-Askari, and Kamal-Saadi and Ali Alfalh attributed Shabandar) for interface events, politics, and who began gradually to return after the Prime Minister's statement last.
political analyst Hamid Fadel believes that Scott-Maliki in that period was due to confidence that things are in his favor, for that and also see Hamid preferred to remain silent and not to raise the ire of friends and enemies.
Hamid said the "long" that "the emergence and disappearance of the speakers on behalf of the political blocs depends on the strength of control party", following the "Dawa can control its members so that controls speakers , and it applies also to the Kurdistan Alliance, while Iraq is characterized by a lot of speakers for its position. "
Some observers point out that state law prohibits its members from the statement whenever sparked much fanfare about certain personal, Vscott Kamal Saadi for example, came after he saw the demonstrators topping the "Restaurant Turkish" during the events of February of last year, and accused him of the media as a leading security operations during the protests.
denies adviser Maliki, the absence of figures from the state of law on the political front, asserting that the rule of law within the National Alliance, and the latter the President Ibrahim al-Jaafari to declare on behalf of everyone.
It is worth mentioning The prime minister had limited his remarks during that period to talk about housing projects during the opening of the project "Basmajh" residential, and urged students to success!