Confirmed that the Iraqi List, the export of the current crisis to the House of Representatives just prolong the old, reportedly MP for the Iraqi List, Ahmed electrodes that the ball was always in the court of the Prime Minister to discuss the political reforms needed to implement the agreements, especially agreements Arbil, which formed his government in accordance with them.

He pointed out in his interview to the reporter, "Orr News" that the statements to export the crisis to the House of Representatives in order to solve paper of the Prime Minister, speech Nude on health, the fact that such a solution is placed digit attempts to lengthen life crises, because the charge of the implementation of the agreements is the government, not the House of Representatives, called electrodes Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to work hard to resolve the current crisis and not trying to throw the ball stadium and others to begin the implementation of prime minister and all the conventions of the reforms demanded by the political blocs and without it to go to the no-confidence in Mr. Maliki

On the other hand, counting the leader of the Iraqi List, talk about a crisis of confidence in the political scene is incorrect and but there is a crisis management to the government and it was easy to avoid the current conflict in the political arena if applied Maliki agreements entered into in order to obtaining the Prime Minister.