Office of the President denies Mancherth newspaper term for his agreement to withdraw confidence

05/06/2012 22:05:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / Baghdad / and. SM's office denied President Jalal Talabani told categorically Mancherth term on the approval of the President to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

He said a presidential statement And took him (and independent Iraqi news agency) that the term paper Published on its front page and in bold announcement that the president signed a letter of no confidence, and attributed to senior political sources said President Jalal Talabani signed a letter in this regard after receiving the signatures of more than 170 deputies and that after a check of a special committee of high-level of the validity of the signatures. ".

"He and clarification of the truth and to inform public opinion on the facts confirm that the news Aran health, the fact that the President received from the parliamentary blocs lists of deputies signed the request to withdraw confidence and decided on Monday evening the formation of a presidential commission to proceed to the check signatures, ie, that the Commission did not proceed with its work effectively But on Tuesday morning was Aaadalris a letter to House Speaker Osama al transmitting the completed audit signatures to the Council of Representatives. "

The statement said that "the delicate situation through which our country requires political parties to take their launch announcement of the statements and positions of other parties without her knowledge, as required by the media to show more care to be precise in the dissemination of news.".

The statement concluded by noting that informed public opinion on the facts of a constitutional right things the project, but without damage to efforts to achieve solutions to ensure the country's stability and sustainability of the democratic political process. "