Kurds went to Iran and the U.S. warned against the use of force Maliki and Jaafari, a
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Thread: Kurds went to Iran and the U.S. warned against the use of force Maliki and Jaafari, a

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    Kurds went to Iran and the U.S. warned against the use of force Maliki and Jaafari, a

    Baghdad / WAP / Mahmoud Mafraji report: Last night saw a major political developments, represented by the forces of the collection / Erbil, Najaf / signatures of 176 deputies, demanding the withdrawal of confidence
    from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
    The MP for the Liberal parliamentary bloc Mohammed Ridha al-Khafaji, announced that President Jalal Talabani will be sent, to the Chairman of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi a formal letter requesting the
    withdrawal of confidence from Maliki's government after it received 176 signatures Taliani MPs from different political blocs.

    He told Baghdad International / WAP / day, that: "After we settled issue in support of withdrawal of
    confidence from the government of Prime Owlesra Nuri al-Maliki, with 176 votes, held the Liberal block its
    expanded, which included all members of the cluster, to demonstrate to the Iraqi street as voted by 40 votes of no confidence for al-Maliki. "

    He added: "The Sadrist movement has started to make strides and affirmed during the meeting that the map of political sectarianism, which ruled the political blocs will be gone and will be replaced by a map of Iraqi
    national, which will fall under its map alliances according to the foundations of a national and an Iraqi,
    concerned with the first Iraq range without the other."

    He continued, "we will see in the next few days, alliances according to the foundations of a national, not
    sectarian, since there is no alliance of Sunni or Shiite or Kurdish, but alliances combine all the ingredients of
    political alliances and not Kurdish or Sunni or Shiite."

    And said: "We confirmed at the meeting on the demands of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr commander, that the Iraqi
    Kirkuk remain, to be prime minister of the National Alliance."

    He explained: "The Kurds and the Iraqi List, have expressed their satisfaction with these demands."

    He stressed: "The differences will go away between the political blocs, and built by the brutal colonization
    along sectarian lines."

    To that source in the State of Law coalition headed by the delicious Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, that
    President Jalal Talabani, told al-Maliki that the signatures of no-confidence it has not yet been completed.

    The source, who declined to be named for / WAP / today: "The 11 members of the Iraqi List, have withdrawn their signatures, and others objected to it being a fake."

    He said, "Talabani told al-Maliki, that the number of members of the Iraqi List of signatories so far 47 MPs."

    To that source said a senior Iraqi List, the strong implication that an agreement was between the forces / Erbil, Najaf /, with some of the forces of the National Alliance on the nomination of the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim Jaafari, a substitute for the owners.

    The source, who declined to be named told the Baghdad international / WAP / Monday: "There are serious
    efforts, within the National Alliance is trying to resolve the issue before an emergency session of parliament
    to question al-Maliki."

    He explained: "This Almsaa trying to persuade Maliki to resign the presidency and the
    assumption by the National Alliance, and the nomination of Ibrahim al-Jaafari to take office."

    He added: "If Maliki's refusal to this proposal, it will be holding a parliamentary session to withdraw
    confidence from the al-Maliki."

    As for some of the concerns pointed to the possibility of non-extradition of al-Maliki to power peacefully, the source said: "The Americans Abulgo-Maliki, that any military action in Baghdad, or against them Altmanazaa
    areas to provoke the crisis will be respond to it strongly." / As he put it /.

    He added: "The senior Kurdish delegation went to Iran to discuss this matter with the leaders of Iran."

    He said: "There is a group of Iraqi Nwabl deceived al-Maliki, and Aoanmoh they did not sign the withdrawal of confidence from it, but they were among the signatories."

    The detection of a meeting held last Saturday in Amman collect a leading figure in a coalition of state law and a close associate of Izzat al-Maliki Shabandar the one hand, and leader of the Iraqi List, Jamal Karbouli,
    and leader of the coalition and the unity of Iraq, Ali Alsjeri.

    He continued: "The al-Maliki was betting on some of the characters in the Iraqi List, including Karbouli, it was believed that it is up."

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