Lawmaker: Maliki is launching war against his opponents 05/06/2012 16:40:00

Baghdad (NINA) Lawmaker from Ahrar bloce, Iqbal al-Ghorabi, accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of launching a war against whoever opposes him and his interests, as well as his monocracy rule.
In a statement to the press on Tuesday, June 5, Gharabi said that the call to form regions by some is a bankrupted call because it does not serve the Iraqi people; she stressed that Ahrar bloc does not advocate establishing regions; rather it calls for respecting Iraq's unity.
She stressed that her bloc opposes dividing Iraq and will vote against whoever votes for forming regions; it will deal with all issues in accordance with the Constitution.
It is worth mentioning that provincial councils in central and southern Iraq threatened to declare themselves regions if confidence withdrawn from the government of Nuri al-Maliki.
Ghorabi concluded that the Sadrist Trend is among the first who call for reforms, but Maliki did not abide toward making reforms.