Congress: Maliki does not budge from his position with respect to the withdrawal of confidence
On: Tuesday 6/5/2012 8:56

Baghdad (news) / report / Marwa Qaisi / .. Joint action in the House seems so difficult to start wrestler political outcomes consistently embodied last several blocks to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, formally varied political and popular attitudes toward the current crisis.
Not for the continuation of al-Maliki as prime minister, but must instead look for a replacement to solve the crisis in the country, this is the position of opponents of Maliki, who has not changed even a little, even during the end of the period that set him at the meeting Quintet in Erbil and then a meeting of Najaf, and did not give the President Minister for the continuing pressure on the withdrawal of confidence, as reflected in a Member State of Law MP / National Alliance / Mansour al-Tamimi, who said "the coalition convinced that al-Maliki continues to power because of the political process and the tense political parties do not agree among themselves."

Try to Maliki's opponents during their meetings frequent do their best to withhold confidence from al-Maliki, and not to continue in power, after a tug of war too, they agreed on the need to collect signatures needed in the House of Representatives to achieve their goal, which saw it as supporters of al-Maliki that the risk will the country for political and economic crisis harsh.
The position of most components of the National Alliance was more pronounced, not a solution to the crisis, but constantly al-Maliki as the Alliance candidate only, and in this regard said MP / National Alliance / Iman Abdul Razzaq (the Agency news): The Alliance agreed unanimously not to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, as a the only candidate for the National Alliance, which represents the biggest bloc, indicating, that political leaders can not withdraw confidence because of the legislative recess of the House and they can not collect signatures in favor of this.
She added that some of the deputies (a coalition and a coalition of Iraqi Kurdistan and block free) they hold their ministers involved in the government if not convinced Aknua performance and achievements, and not withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki.
She explained: that the resolution of disputes and the survival of Maliki in power will make the country more stable and enhances its economic situation, this is what we have seen in the success of the Arab Summit and Conference (5 +1) on the Iranian nuclear file and also the nomination of a representative of the Iraqi government to the (OPEC), and all efforts by the Maliki to retrieve the situation in Iraq of international moving.
Position stubborn Maliki's opponents have a number of reasons, there are the terms of Erbil, which he says those who call for the withdrawal of the confidence it has not been applied in full, and the security ministries, which are managed by proxy, and the law, oil and gas and the issue of Kirkuk and disputed areas, and in this regard, an MP from / coalition in Iraq / Muhammad Al-Khalidi (of the Agency news): The decision to withdraw confidence from Maliki's democratic, it is possible to form another government, composed of the same content, but the order of another.
He added, in the absence of support from political leaders of the owners, he can not continue, because the success of the government and the House comes with the support of the political blocs.
For his part, MP / Kurdish coalition blocs / Sirwan Ahmed (of the Agency news): The withdrawal of confidence from Maliki's constitutional decision, especially as the country play a role democratically in the region, according to Article I of the Constitution which stipulates that "Iraq is a federal, pluralistic and democratic ".
"The survival of al-Maliki in power will cause the destruction of the country and return to square one, and the economic situation and the collapse of Iraq's relations with other countries," Ahmed said, warning.
But how can a solution "node political" current?, Many of Ocdo the need for dialogue and re-arranging the political interest of the security concerns which may be exploited by some to create chaos, while put others the idea of ​​finding an alternative from within the National Alliance to end a chronic problem as long as the shed the street, and meetings between the continuous and prosthetic solutions Iraqis are waiting to get out of the bottleneck. / End / 12. D. Q