Kurdistan Parliament approves the draft labor law and social security

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 15:08

[Erbil - where]

Kurdistan Parliament held today under the chairmanship of its regular Arslan Baez, President of the Parliament of Kurdistan and the presence of Al Hassan Mohamed, Vice Speaker of Parliament.

A statement by the Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today , "The program of the meeting included two first vote on the draft laws amending the labor law, social security and the second point, to conduct discussions in the bill the right of access to information, with respect to the point After the first vote, was ratified by a majority vote. "

He added, "According to law, all workers in the private centers in which they operate, taking into account their numbers, they are benefiting from this law."

The statement continued, "does not include the law, who work in the interior and Asayish Guard Region, as well as in international organizations and diplomatic missions, in addition to those covered by the law of civil servants.

The statement noted that "according to the law right of every pregnant woman from the site of work to get a full year and leave with half salary, provided that is not held by the finished work."

And the "must have all workers and workers from the site of their rights of state employees and retirees in the Social Security privilege."

And "in accordance with law, each project has more than 3 workers, it is within the covered box work, where he participates worker per month to [5]% in the Labour Fund, and the employer to [12]%, so as not to deprive the worker in the future of his right to retirement" . over