Statement from the Office of Prime minister
04/06/2012 19:33

The attempt to exploit some of the parties of democratic life that Tsalmana on maintenance to achieve political objectives in particular, have raised concerns about the likelihood of continued exposure to the danger of the democratic process.
We have combined the process of organizing lists of some lawmakers recently took their signatures outside the parliament many of the practices unconstitutional and contrary to the law, whether through threats or fraud or extortion or other practices that look at some of the citizens through the media or by our language through direct contact and receive Representatives of many complaints in this area and promote their application Hamayatem.
That calls me from the site to ensure the integrity of the democratic process to alert to these practices and can afford the risk to the root of the democratic process.
I call on this occasion, His Excellency the President of the Republic as its position as guardian of the constitution to see how such practices conform to the standards of constitutional and legal rules and display the signatures of possession of criminal background checks and verify their validity.
And relevant agencies to bring all of the evidence against him carry out fraud or threat to the deputy of the House of Representatives or any practice of violation of the law and bring him to justice to hold him accountable in order to preserve the integrity of democratic life and safeguard the well-known traditions.
Nuri Kamal al-Maliki
Prime minister