Hani Ashour: no value legal or legal signatures to question the House and the discount will be in Parliament

05/06/2012 12:43:04

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... An advisor of the Iraqi List Hani Ashour said the campaign raised by the statements of MPs from the coalition of state law to question the signatures of some members of parliament to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister no legal value and corporate them, because the signatures are not originally from the constitutional mechanisms to request a withdrawal of confidence, but came to establish the conviction of President Jalal Talabani a desire to withdraw the trust has obtained the conviction does not result in any legal action because it is not illegal, and the parliament is Faisal. Ashour said in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) said on Tuesday that the issue of signatures have been overcome and the current stage is the stage to call for a parliamentary session to vote on the confidence has got convinced the President the desire of Parliament that, despite the fact that the right of the President request the withdrawal of confidence does not require any signatures and he can send it to the parliament if it obtained a conviction only as one of the mechanisms, or resorting to other mechanism and Hillcil House of Representatives, upon the request of five 1 / 5 of its members to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, may not be submitted this request except after an interpellation addressed to the Prime Minister and after at least seven days after the request, but the conviction of President of the Republic obtained without resorting to the second mechanism of the Constitution. He added that the list Iraq has no objection if he wants a coalition of state law that is the dissolution of parliament through constitutional mechanism if he can, as authorized some of his deputies, as the Iraqi List, along with the Sadrists and the Kurdistan Alliance believe in the path of democracy as a way to change a right of every political blocs guaranteed by the Constitution of Iraq. He explained that the style campaigns to divert attention from the withdrawal of the confidence of secondary issues, or the issuance of veiled threats against the mechanisms of constitutional democracy exacerbates the crisis and strengthen the conviction that there is no genuine desire to resolve differences and recognize past agreements, which is why the current crisis the main, a reference to the loss of the other party to the initiative promised his conviction dialogue and the road to democracy. (end)