Talabani signed a no-confidence
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Thread: Talabani signed a no-confidence

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    Talabani signed a no-confidence

    Talabani signed a no-confidence
    On: Tuesday 6/5/2012 8:43

    Baghdad / term
    senior political sources said in the masses, which is preparing to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday, President Jalal Talabani signed a letter for this purpose after receiving signatures of more than 170 deputies and took audited, without being clear whether the speaker had received the letter or not.

    And the impact of the statement issued by the Prime Minister described as "written in haste," accuses the blocks opposition to him as "falsified signatures of Representatives," submitted to the President of the Republic, and ensure "Toaada" by arresting counterfeiters, and to appeal to the President to resort to "forensic evidence" to ascertain the authenticity of signatures .
    informed sources said Maliki's statement came immediately after receiving the news of the signature of President Talabani to the letter of withdrawal of confidence, after a check of a special committee of high-level of the validity of the signatures, and Maliki said in a statement published by the website by "The process of organizing lists of the House and take their signatures outside the parliament accompanied by many of the practices of unconstitutional either by threats or fraud or extortion. "
    and added "I call on this occasion, His Excellency the President of the Republic to note the compatibility of these practices with the standards of constitutional and legal rules and display the possession of signatures for the investigation of criminal and verify their validity."
    Confronted by an appeal to the security services, saying "the relevant agencies to bring all of the evidence against him carry out fraud or threat to the deputy of the House of Representatives or any practice of violation of the law and bring him to justice to hold him accountable in order to preserve the integrity of democratic life and safeguard the traditions known."
    This is the first to comment directly to the owners of the noise surrounding the collection of signatures of Representatives. In a statement to "long" said a senior source in the Sadr movement, "said Maliki's statement is written in anger and in haste, and we fear to be a signal that he intends to carry out security measures against political parties."
    and without further details, the source said "vote in the session to withdraw confidence is signatures will prove true, the idea of either the evidence presented to the arrest or criminal charges of falsifying political parties without waiting for the signatures of MPs crucial session of the parliament, it is a very dangerous. " The source said that "there are two delegations are important and one of the Sadrist movement and the other from Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance, will reach Iran, the latest developments during the next two days, and we expect soon after that invite the President of parliament into session to withdraw confidence."
    In the meantime, denied a senior source in the Kurdistan Alliance to be President Jalal Talabani "has invoked a trip treatment in order to leave the country, an evasion of the crisis," on what I tried to parties close to the head of government created by yesterday.
    , the source said the president "has a table Therapeutic tours regularly, and will not travel any time soon for this purpose, has been confirmed during the long years of the work that it is not the characters that avoids the constitutional and political responsibilities, and he is with his party and its mass and the rest of the partners, in the darkest circumstances. "

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    It's only 4:47 AM on Tuesday June 5th in Iraq right now! How could the news above be timed three hours from now???

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