Sadrists: no turning back for the withdrawal of the confidence
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Thread: Sadrists: no turning back for the withdrawal of the confidence

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    Sadrists: no turning back for the withdrawal of the confidence

    BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
    Most likely a member of the House of Representatives on "Liberal bloc" represented by the Sadrist movement Jawad Hasnawi, a solution of the National Alliance and the formation of a new coalition after the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister, without leading to loss of position of prime minister of "the Shiite community," pointing out that the Sadrist movement is preparing to open files against Nuri al-Maliki during the coming period of violations of human rights in Basra, Najaf and Karbala.

    To meet with Mr. Sadr, with a number of Iraqi leaders in Najaf (AFP)

    Hasnawi said that "the insistence of state law to hold on to Nouri al-Maliki as prime minister will arrive in the components of the National Alliance to a crossroads," expected in remarks to the newspaper "long" today that he "had separated cluster Liberal Alliance and looking for another coalition as it does not have anything permanent in politics." , describing the changes in the map of the political blocs and alliances to "It's positive."
    and played down the Sadrist lawmaker fears in some quarters about the desire to "Iraqi List" by locking up the post of prime minister after becoming the largest bloc in the House of Representatives, expressing his confidence in "Iraq," which he says by Hasnawi as "consistent with the Sadrists withdraw confidence from Maliki's government to be the next prime minister of the component Shiite, whether from the Sadrists or from within the National Alliance."
    revealed Hasnawi for the determination of its mass to open Files "criminal" against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after out of the current crisis, noting that "the moment is appropriate to open those files, the lack of institutions, real as possible reliable," in reference to the uncertainty to the neutrality of the executive and judicial branches.
    and files according to the Attorney concerning the "mysteries of the incident Alzerkh in the province of Najaf in 2006, "which killed nearly 400 people on charges of measure for a military operation aimed at Najaf, also spoke Hasnawi about the" other incidents took place in Basra in 2008, as well as file a criminal in the province of Karbala proved the occurrence of violations of human rights. "
    and adds, "We have files related to charges of belonging to theft, corruption and other issues covered up by the Mach during the years of his reign. " to that denied Hasnawi involvement of members of his files a criminal was a state law has threatened to open in the event of the insistence of "Liberal" on the position of al-Maliki, describing the allegations as the escalation of a media "aim is to confuse public opinion . "
    and the fears of some parties from the change of position of the Sadrists in the final moments, as happened in the corridors of government formation in 2010, said Hasnawi that "the current Liberal is serious about the withdrawal of confidence from the Nuri al-Maliki, this time to no room to retreat."
    said Hasnawi that "the referendum, who plans to Sadr scheduled, will include all areas of Iraq from north to south and will be under the supervision of international organizations, "explaining that they are developing mechanisms implemented at the earliest time, and predicted that" the final results with the withdrawal of confidence from the current government. "
    and pointed out that "the results of the referendum are binding on the Sadrist movement, but We do not know the commitment of other parties to it. "
    and refuted Hasnawi reports of "state law" which talks about the increasing popularity of Nuri al-Maliki, calling Bamufbarakh as he said, "There is a media paid and political analysts who promote these reports ... and ask the Iraqi street will seek the dissatisfaction with the work of government." , denying the existence of fears of asylum Dawa party, Maliki into the street and support councils that show some indication that the latter may rely in making a mess security in case of withdrawal of confidence from the government.
    concluded Hasnawi that "al-Jaafari, Chalabi and Baqer al-Zubaidi are the most prominent candidates backed by the Liberal bloc" .

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    "will include all areas of Iraq from north to south and will be under the supervision of international organizations"
    Bam !!!! can you say "we gonna hand your behind over to the U.N"
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