Meeting of the National Alliance: Washington and Tehran are you coming on the line of the crisis

Baghdad / Orr NewsSource revealed that "the meeting of the National Alliance, which took place yesterday did not come out with tangible results," pointing to the receipt of foreign contacts during the conference for several blocks, pointing to a connection of the Iranian Embassy and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.The source, who requested anonymity, said some attendees saw in the "President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari that he was not clear," noting that al-Jaafari, "as usual, a lot of philosophy and the use of expressions of metaphors was unsuccessful in the management of the meeting," pointing to that block free see that al-Jaafari "I do not assign their positions."In this regard, the source close to the Liberal bloc that in its opinion that "the National Alliance, despite his attempts to cohesion may cracking and fall apart because of policies that insist to follow Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki," revealing the leaks of Liberal says that "al-Maliki maneuvering the coalition to remain in a third session as Prime Minister. "According to information obtained by the agency (UR) to the "members of the National Alliance were divided in their meeting between the cross for his silence towards the non-attendance at al-Maliki's meeting and those who count not attending the disregard of a major National Alliance", for their ignorance that some leaders of the coalition are asked Maliki not to attend the meeting, noting that the leaders of the coalition that Maliki promised to "deliver a message to the alliance stronger than that."The source pointed out that "the representatives of the Supreme Council refused to go into those details," and pointed out that they had "asked to refer the calm at this stage and not to situations more than the actual capacity."