Sheikh Sub: not to rely on no-confidence as a solution to the crisis is due to the lack of regulatory mechanisms to reliably and the fear of fueling conflict

Monday, June 4, 2012 16:54

{Baghdad, Euphrates News} attributed the leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, Sheikh Jalaluddin al-Saghir the cause of rejection of no-confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and as a solution to the crisis experienced by the country "not to rely on several mechanisms Alnzma lift the conflict and the fear of fueling the conflict of what is deeper than it is and form a government may be very weak.

He said in a press statement that the main problem today is that politicians, devoid of the mechanism governing conflicts or that these mechanisms are no longer resource the adoption of all, has tampered with parties to the Federal Court since 2007 until he returned for one to trust provisions or say that its provisions are supplier of doubt, After making the Constitution as a basis for regulating conflicts. "

He said Sheikh small as that "the futility of the parties to the independence of the Electoral Commission for elections led to the option of returning for the elections is no longer assured, and worked the Maliki government for as long ruled without internal system and in spite of the promise in the agreements, the round table type during the first six months of forming the government, and now has elapsed from the life of the government is elapsed and still at a standstill. "

He continued that "the governing fourth that has been tampered with is the politicization and corruption of the Integrity Commission in addition to turning the judiciary, unfortunately, the power of the independent authority controlled by politicians in many cases were also disable the oversight role of Parliament, were exceeded the powers of the president by the prime minister."

And between Sheikh small that "the law seemed to be viewed according to interests, what it is compatible with the interests of work was done, and what did not Iike line was turning a blind eye about him, and enough look at government applications and the position of the political parties for accountability and justice law to know the truth of this matter and there are a lot of tampering in in place to organize the work of state institutions. "

He noted that "the process of change regardless of the orientation will lead to new conflict for the lack of everyone to the mechanisms governing the Tnazaahm, and the nature of the atmosphere of mistrust when it dominated the political landscape, the need for a systems of conflict resolution that we have mentioned will be extremely sensitive and important, and therefore the numbers you remember about no-confidence no matter what he is talking about the credibility of the parties to the conflict which will result in the context of scales close to each other, but they Ptdhad fierce. "

He said Sheikh small "to vote out the government will put us in front of two options may not lead to the formation of a new government, which makes the Maliki government, the caretaker government and thus make them more aggressive in skipping the rest of the Noazem officer, which will ignite the conflict of what is deeper than it is now, and with it the what he wanted to get rid of it the party that wants to obscure the confidence is falling in the worst of it, even if it did not do it will be very weak. "

And "may lead the process of no-confidence to form a new government, but it would be the other weak two reasons first, that does not have time even if they are at the top of integrity and strength to find a reform movement, it is also Sinhishha struggle certainty with the balance remaining of the balance of power that will be affected by government new, even if you add to that the large residual debris from the previous government, the problem Sttbdy more pronounced. "

According to Sheikh small "may fail to process a no-confidence which will give al-Maliki and his government greater boldness to overcome the forces that Nahith Throughout this period, and then to open an era of greater intensity in the conflict may be alarming to all the major dangers of Iraq."

And that "no solution in my opinion is only through understanding a serious and responsible to return the systems the control of conflicts, respect and restore confidence to them, and with it will not be a problem, those who will lead or govern as long as there is a ceiling is not allowed to authoritarianism or autocracy."

He expressed his conviction that Neil This is like the impossible under the current circumstances, and for this Amdna policy to mitigate the damage to people, because the damage is located on the people in all situations, and what concerns us how to temper them, what is the largest, in addition to that, such as this could eventually lead to a better atmosphere to the Government the next election if the electoral system remained in place, and in the heart of a great doubt that. "

He expressed his belief that the conflicting parties have committed serious errors against their people and their interests, and significantly above the Constitution, even if we heard that the agreement was in it Erbil violation of the Constitution Vtm repudiated him, where was Almtfqon about it on that agreed? This Agreement is the form of government without which we would not see any government, and therefore the point of harm reduction potential to move the implementation of the agreement, not because we believe in this agreement, we were not partners in it, was next to us ourselves with him, and confirmed at the time that the government, when formed in this way will be a government crisis, not a government solution, and the Government of the conflict and not of stability, and the vision from the beginning talking about the error of such agreements, but where it was agreed between the parties, they have to fulfill the obligations of their agreement this, or baptize the new agreements, as this would bridge of trust between the Parties that meet the hard currency lost between the conflicting parties. "

He noted that "the Supreme Council was affected only to form a government according to the conventions of Arbil, the declared and confidentiality, and throughout this period were accused of a lot that our main concern is to overthrow the government of Maliki and the wronged greatly by the parties to it has done is a complete injustice, but it has become clear today that our approach from the outset it is based on moving the process of political stability to the front Boaqaaat policy does not slogans and Mzaidadtha and disarm mines in front of the integration of the roles of the opponents of this process, and our final is nothing new when compared to our previous very point is that it is manifested today better and clearer, but this did not accept all the temptations presented to us in that period or these days, the situation is not suitable for the spoils and gains, as it requires payment of the terrible damage that can result in conflicts today. "

He explained that "our call yesterday was and is still calling for a couple of adventure by the parties to bridge the trust between them even if it leads to some decline, and must be signs of good faith, despite what seems to me that it was too late to like it but can bold initiatives that are incorporation to the draft to return to dialogue, a task all parties, have been made on the leadership of the Supreme Council for the great efforts of bridging the gap between the parties, but the crisis is still intractable. "ended