Called for the National Alliance MP Samira Al Musawi, the House of Representatives to discuss the issue of creating a terrorist group, receiving funds from Saudi Arabia and Israel. It also demanded the need to form a committee to investigate some of the characters involved in the support group created to bring down the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

She stressed the leadership of the state law, led by Prime Minister Samira al-Moussawi said in an interview for " Ashraf News , "that this information revealed by the leading figures in the group creation requires a meeting of the Parliament to discuss these issues after the end of the holiday the House of Representatives, which ends on June 18 (June) the current. was separated from the previous leadership group to create Mary squirrel, has revealed that the organization receives funding from Saudi Arabia and Israel. Emphasizing the organization's involvement in supporting Saddam's regime previously in the killing of the Iraqi people. explained squirrel in an exclusive interview with the correspondent, " oversaw News "in Baghdad, that there is evidence and evidence for a relationship and cooperation between FAO and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that the organization has worked hard and in abundance in Jordan and especially the members of parliament in Jordan. as revealed interpreter, the leader of the creation of terrorist Massoud Rajavi of the existence of cooperation and coordination between high-level organization and al-Qaeda. Adding that the creation has worked with some of the political parties to topple the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. said Ali Hussein, Ahmadinejad, who fled before the days of Camp Liberty in Baghdad and turned himself in to Iraqi forces, that "the organization have tried many ways to delay or prevent the convening of the Arab Summit in Baghdad and coordinated a lot with views into the political process on this matter. " said Ahmadinejad in an exclusive interview with " Ashraf News "that the organization and its leadership held great hopes on the fall of the Maliki government and tried all the ways to achieve that and collaborated with politicians from the list of private and within the government to bring down the government . Noting that Massoud Rajavi, she said that the Maliki government will fall after forty days. explained Ali Hussein, Ahmadinejad, who worked as a translator for Massoud Rajavi, that in one of the meetings Rajavi with Tahir Habbush director of Saddam's intelligence, which was attended in his capacity as interpreter, said Habbush Rajavi We've got the $ 3 million surplus we gave the organization two million and million for the organization (and was intended to al-Qaeda). He concluded in his interview that the organization created with the cooperation and coordination with the remnants of Saddam's former regime and the al Qaeda terrorist and some armed groups that have emerged in Iraq after the U.S. occupation.