Islamic Supreme Council stressed the lack of objection to the nomination of Adel Abdul-Mahdi for the post of Prime Minister Maliki as a substitute if necessary. The MP said the mass of the citizen representative of the Supreme Council Habib Terminal political crisis reached the stage where "node", and remains resolved the issue of the constitutionality of no-confidence for the impeccable but the question remains: Is this the best solution in these circumstances?.

He added that the Supreme Council Terminal does not aim the job, but if necessary, will be nominated for the blocks, Adel Abdul Mahdi, an alternative to Maliki, said the council, especially the people to assume this responsibility if the cost of the National Alliance.

And between the terminal of the causes of the crisis is a government of national partnership that have not achieved the true partnership that will satisfy all participants in the political process.

For his part, MP Furat al-Shara that the Supreme Council does not reject the nomination of Abdul Mahdi as prime minister but he does not adopt these nominations at this time.

Shara added that the council does not adopt the nomination of Abdul Mahdi al-Maliki in an alternative now, but at least if it called for the national interest that Snthor with all parties that will not turn our backs on any one of the parties, especially the National Alliance.

He stressed that the President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Ammar al-Hakim Aitbny any medium, for the survival of the alliance with Maliki or his opponents, but moves with the parties to the stability of the political situation and get out the best solutions and to keep the alliance going and non-intersection between the parties. He noted that Abdul-Mahdi called on to solve the problems existing within the alliance