Monday, June 4, 2012 10:24Qutaiba Jubouri: go to the no-confidence evidence of the lack of seriousness of a national meeting

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. head counting Iraqi bloc free Qutaiba Jubouri tendencies some political parties to withdraw

Confidence in Maliki's government as "evidence that these blocks were not serious about a national meeting."He Jubouri in a written statement received / Baghdadiya News / copy of it: "Some political parties had put several conditions on the issues to be discussed at the national meeting, as well as the dispute over the place and time to take place, so that the controversy to the extent of variation on the name of the meeting National. "
He added: "After all these debates and controversies witnessed by the preparatory committee meetings turned to talk about the national meeting to talk about the withdrawal of confidence from the government in overnight, but that some of the demands before the media to speed up convening of the meeting is called for the withdrawal of confidence from the government."
He asked Jubouri: "If the claimants no-confidence believe since raised the issue of the national meeting that this meeting would not allow them the opportunity to realize their gains partisan, why permission to occupy the street throughout that period talking about the meeting they are not believers and do not want to take place mainly?" He said, adding: "This act is evidence that they were practicing deceit and fraud on the Iraqi people during this period to cover up their intentions to blow up the entire political process."
He called Jubouri political blocs to "respect the will of the Iraqi citizens and not to deal with him as a naive believe everything you declare it to the media," stressing "the need to deal credibly with the crisis and not to make personal differences a reason to destroy the political process and return the country to square one" .