Al-Maliki motorized coup in Iraq and the Dawa party distributed
2012-06-04 --- 14/7/1433

Acronym/Saudi East newspaper Wednesday that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was planning a military coup took power in Iraq, noting that Al-Maliki steps to Setup and processing for zero hour, including deployment of counter-terrorism machinery gold band on the streets of Baghdad on Tuesday, and provide the Dawa party and clan leaders and sectarian militias and purchasing loyalty.

The mouthpiece of the Iraqi list and Deputy Mason aldmlogi block liberal political wing of comrades Mohammad Reza Al-Khafaji, announced that Al-Maliki is arming supporters at the expense of opponents, Al-Khafaji said that Maliki is seeking to seize power by force of arms and carry out a coup if withdrew confidence through some defense groups which tend him plus he recently collected several waves around him under the pretext of protecting and making changes in the military and their replacement with team leads officers.

Tribal sources in the provinces of middle Euphrates, confirmed the existence of a substantial flow of light weapons and medium-Dawa's offices to arm militias in these provinces, the sources said that the people of the Middle Euphrates cities talk about the cars belonging to the Office of the Prime Minister to move weapons variety to the Daawa party offices in the governorates of Babel, Diwaniyah, Hilla and as well as the provinces of Karbala.

According to the newspaper, political sources have confirmed that Al-Maliki announced his overthrow military statement No. one, ordered by as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, most recently on Monday, entered the army, police and security agencies on high alert as of yesterday and until next Thursday, in a proactive and without a declaration of reasons, these sources indicated that the message issued by the Office of the Commander-in-Chief to enter all hardware security alert (c), did not explain the reasons for the Declaration of alert.

The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, ordered to move tactical Regiment of anti-terrorism force to Najaf, and ordered them to be stationed there for one week.

Sectarian militias joined from Hezbollah brigades Iraq led by Abu Mahdi dissident right folks antipyretics engineer originally from Mahdi army led by khuzai, Iraqi control in the southern governorates, as earlier reports indicated that Al-Maliki sent 500 of its security forces to Najaf and surrounded the House of the leader of their comrades, after meeting alhanania, which collected opponents Al-Maliki.

Information indicates that Al-Maliki ordered an extensive campaign of raids for arrest of ex-Baathists and officers in the Iraqi army in Baghdad and the rest of the governorates of Iraq.

The sources stressed that the work of the zero hour will start work for assassinations of Al-Maliki anti-revolutionary elements in Baghdad especially inside the green zone, followed by the arrest of leading Iraqi list, Rafe Al-Issawi notably.

Political sources stressed that Al-Maliki used former President Saddam Hussein in the distribution of arms and money to buy the loyalty of clan elders, and two weeks ago a conference attended by a tribal clan of Najaf, Sheikh (Wahid al-Abood Al-Issawi) who lives in the District of Kufa.

After two days of attending the Sheikh sent to the Maliki students and told him: accept that the Baathists to power I think you do not accept the count you in control in case of Declaration of the zero hour on the provinces of Najaf and Babil, Karbala and you are responsible.

It would be under your clan Bani Malik clan of Pharaoh and the crank will coordinate with the Office of Dawa in Najaf and will help you combatants if zero hour and the combatants have been recommending by Dawa ... And single Aboud Al-Issawi equipped Sheikh (450) Kalashnikov rifle with ammunition and received an amount of $ 450,000A