Join a new 40 MPs, mostly from the Iraqi Front for the naysayers to withdraw confidence from the Maliki

Palm - make sure on what was published by media sources of splits within the blocks claim to withdraw confidence from the government, as it emerged two developments Two new, I went 40 MPs, mostly from the Iraqi List, a news conference to announce their refusal to withdraw confidence, and the second detection of the determination of some of the blocks to change their positions stated After the meetings of Erbil, Najaf and Sulaimaniya, as watchers of several last-minute surprise.

With the survival of all the possibilities wide open until yesterday, despite a tendency to undo the cuff request the withdrawal of confidence or failure, he decided to President Jalal Talabani, himself from the campaign to make sure signatures of no confidence, according to what the National Alliance MP Hussein Safi, who said that there are deputies contacted President of the Republic directly and informed him that they did not sign these signatures, and did not take their opinion and they do not feel Bagheiz and respect their views and vision on this subject .. They feel that the bloc does not respect their opinion, they confiscated their views taken in this direction are MPs, and national and express the people's interest.

And revealed the political sources of the existence of divisions within the blocs seeking to withdraw confidence from the government after the statement meeting Dukan latter, indicating that some members of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, seeking to hold an extraordinary session of parliament next Tuesday or next week, but she indicated that the president renewed his rejection of the Dukan meeting request to withdraw confidence from the government.

In the part of the post, an MP from a coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod that the National Alliance said in a meeting yesterday and was attended by the Sadrists importance of the agreement on assurances prior consolidation of the National Alliance as it is the right of any of its components to be put to the point of view and discussed, but is not obligated for the rest of the coalition parties , but the consensus components of the alliance is binding on all its components according to agreed mechanisms.

He Chihod that the meeting stressed the adherence to the initiative of President of the Republic because it is the road map for all the blocks and the solution to the current crisis also revealed Chihod the desire of MPs from different blocks conference declaring it did not consent to the project-confidence, adding that the 40 deputies and the blocks that belong with the Iraqi white, free and block national and some deputies of the Iraqi List.

In turn, said the leadership of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman said the process of withdrawal of confidence you need to question the constitutional process Osman said that the political movement and meetings blocs continue, and that the final scene determined understandings that can result from these meetings and in response the coalition to the desire of the blocks in the political reforms and discuss their demands seriously may be the key to the solution to the current crisis.

And joined the Assyrian movement in the House of Representatives yesterday to reject the blocks for the withdrawal of confidence from the government, where he became the number of clusters rejecting 10 blocks, while the mass confirmed the change by saying: We are not participants in this government did not vote for her, nor did we give them the confidence to Nshabha.

And one day after the invitation of the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr to hold a referendum on the withdrawal of confidence from the government, politicians count in statements to the media call for "positive" and try to engage the Iraqi street, on issues affecting the state.