Follow-up / - Iraqi Constitution newspaper, citing an unnamed senior representative: The former MP accused of terrorist acts and sectarian Jamal Jaafar, known as Abu Mahdi Mohandes income as an intermediary between Sadr and Maliki, Jaafari, after the failure to perform this role.

وقال المصدر ان المهندس اجرى اتصالات مع زعماء الكتل السياسية واجرى اتصالين مطولين مع كل من الصدر والمالكي ومن المؤمل وصوله الى بغداد خلال اليومين المقبلين قادما من ايران، مبينا: ان المهندس يحظى بتقدير واحترام كلا من الصدر والمالكي كما انه سياسي محنك يملك مفاتيح كثيرة للتقارب والحل داخل البيت الشيعي. ( النهاية ) The source said the engineer had been in touch with the leaders of political blocs and had at least two Mtoulan with both al-Sadr and al-Maliki and it is hoped his arrival in Baghdad in the next two days coming from Iran, indicating the following: the engineer is appreciated and respected both of al-Sadr and al-Maliki as he was a seasoned politician has the keys to many of the convergence of the solution within the Shiite house