Damluji: naming a replacement for al-Maliki will not take long

Baghdad / Orr News

Said a spokeswoman for the Iraqi List, said Maysoon al-Maliki for naming a replacement in the event withdrew his confidence will not take a long time.

Denied Damluji on Saturday, told (Orr) "and fears of naming a replacement for al-Maliki or the occurrence of disputes following the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki," noting that "the political blocs that have signed a memorandum of Najaf has asked the National Alliance, after no-confidence nominate a replacement within a week ".

Damluji and called the "National Alliance nominate alternative within the period granted to him after the withdrawal of confidence," indicating that "the other blocks, including the Iraqi would be supportive of any candidate of the National Alliance."

The spokesperson for the Iraqi List, said "the new program for the Prime Minister agreed in the first meeting of Irbil," pointing out that "the program included a mechanism activating the economy and ways to eliminate corruption and create jobs and commitment to the Convention on Arbil as part of the program."

And varied statements of the political blocs on collecting enough votes (164) for the withdrawal of the confidence of the Maliki government, while assured the Iraqi that it reached the desired number, denied a coalition of state law, the validity of the news, stressing that most of the political parties against the idea of ​​no-confidence of the Maliki government, accusing leaders of Iraq fraud Signatures of Congress list without the knowledge and consent of parliament. "