Kurdistan Parliament: The ball is now in the court of the National Alliance for the nomination of a substitute for the owners
2012-06-02 14:44:26

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance, the procedure for the withdrawal of confidence going and went to the official final stages, but there is an opportunity, about the political blocs in the vote on this subject in the House of Representatives if the National Alliance, another candidate for an alternative to Maliki.

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance, Hassan Jihad Secretary, told the independent press (Iba) The ball is now Stadium National Alliance, and he can not make it up to a vote of no confidence in parliament, if the prosector new substitute, confirming the continuation of the political blocs, including the Alliance Kurdistan procedures confidence, which reached the final stages and official.

He added that Secretary Alan solution, however, the National Alliance, in order not to get a crack in the political process by going to a vote of no confidence on the candidate al-Maliki.

The cross member of the Kurdistan Alliance hoped that the change is from within the National Alliance, without access to the withdrawal of confidence may be unsatisfactory to many.

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