Iraqi politician: It is wise to take the initiative and to meet that Maliki now give to Jaafari for prime minister
2012-06-02 15:12:42

Government BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Iraqi politician said to meet and wise to take the initiative of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki now give up the presidency of the government for the remainder of the session the election of the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari to spare the country a lot of crises that have not before.

He said the political condition of anonymity, told the independent press (Iba) that had previously initiated Jaafari to withdraw from running for prime minister in 2006 after objections faced by the Kurdistan Alliance and the Accordance Front that time.

He added that access to the al-Maliki as prime minister was the initiative of the al-Jaafari himself after his abdication from running after accusing him of sectarian bias time and lack of control over the security situation that followed the bombing of the Dome of the front in Samarra in 2005.

He considered that an appropriate time now, because al-Maliki and give up the initiative to Jaafari, especially after granting many opportunities to save the political situation from deteriorating, but did not exploit what led about it to get to a dead end and make the political process in a crisis that could topple it.

He said that the Iraqi political Jaafari in recent years emerged as a policy of balanced and able leadership of the National Alliance after the last election with tact and stand at the same distance from the various political blocs to his family, because that would be acceptable as an alternative to al-Maliki to lead the government in the remaining years of the parliamentary session.

He explained that Maliki could take a decision that will undoubtedly brave and sparing Iraq political stalemate large Ptnazelh for prime minister, a position he no doubt would be calculated as well as his positions in previous years and that including eliminating the sectarian strife and stand up against the partition of Iraq.

He continued by saying that al-Jaafari could be a compromise of the differences between the Dawa party and his opponents both within the National Alliance or outside, as was the leader of the party after 2003 as it leads the National Alliance, the largest bloc in parliament, after the 2010 elections, and this would avoid Iraq a lot of crises that can to face if it were a vote of confidence in parliament, government, whether it succeeded or failed.