A senior Kurdish leader's (et al): Chalabi, the most prominent candidates for prime minister and welcomed by Sadr al-Jaafari and rejected by most of the blocks

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Said a senior Kurdish political meeting in Arbil had agreed in principle to be the Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi is the candidate for prime minister to replace the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after the withdrawal of confidence with him.
The source said if the above news agency news ((et)) preferred not to be named: "The meeting in Arbil, are sewn to withdraw confidence from the issue of al-Maliki after the completion of a sufficient number of parliamentary no-confidence of Maliki.
Indicating the following: "The meeting in Arbil did not object to the nomination of Chalabi, who was a recommendation by Talabani and Allawi and Najafi did not object to the Kurds nor the Sadrists to this nomination."
He emphasized: "The Sadrists have supported this nomination after the rejection of the parties in the coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan on the nomination of Jaafari to his previous positions of the Kurdish issue and standing now with Maliki."
He explained: "The issue of no-confidence vote on al-Maliki and Chalabi will not take one month only and will not be raised any security problems as it tries to Alehan Maliki's coalition."
To the description of a representative for the Kurdistan Alliance, the movements of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his contract for meeting of the Council of Ministers in the province of Nineveh, and sponsorship of some of the projects as "an attempt to deflect public opinion and served on the current political crisis."
The MP said Farhad Atrushi's [where] that "an oil licensing rounds and the signing of the contract for the project Basmajh residential and hearing the Council of Ministers in Mosul are the movements are clear and understood [naive people] as an attempt by al-Maliki to take public opinion and the dimensions of the media for the current crisis as well as it message to deliver, he is still strong and govern Iraq and serve the people, "he said.
He added that the "President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and through meetings conducted with a number of leaders of political blocs wants through which to reach a solution to the status and course correction because we believe may Enough is enough and we waited a long time we did not find real answers from the other party did not see, but procrastination and promises him about the files and the problems that exist on the scene. "