A senior political source: signatures of no confidence has been completed and the book will reach the presidency tomorrow, the House of Representatives
01/06/2012 10:28 AM
Arbil - "squares of liberation" from Dilshad Abdul Rahman
A senior political source said he had participated in meetings hosted by the Dukan few days ago, President Jalal Talabani, said the signatures of withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is now before the President of the Republic, which is expected to issue an order according to the Constitution requesting the Parliament to start procedures for the withdrawal of confidence.
The source explained that the "signatures, which reached the presidency was far more than the legally required (164 votes), which persuaded the president to order it is hoped that up to the presidency of parliament on Saturday to begin procedures to withdraw confidence."

Meetings of Dukan, headed by President Jalal Talabani

The source noted that "it is expected to issue an order to hold the presidency of parliament where an emergency session to withdraw confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki."
For their part, deputies questioned signatures of Maliki's coalition of Representatives called upon the Vice-owners of a pro-Iraqi "free" is a high-Nassif, to exhibit signatures of Representatives on the "criminal evidence" confirming that it was questioned signatures.