Adjournment of the trial of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, the 19 th of next month
06:37:31 / 05/2012
Tareq al-Hashemi
Khandan - filed in the Supreme Criminal Court of Iraq, on Thursday, the trial of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, a number of elements of protection, to 19 June.

The court heard during today's meeting, the third since the trial began in the middle of this month, to a number of statements of prosecution witnesses and the statements of the accused.
Included the defendants' statements about the confessions of their implementation of terrorist acts in various areas of Iraq.
The session saw today rejected President of the Court a request for the defense team for Hashemi listen during future meetings to the testimony of President Jalal Talabani, the President Office of the President Naseer al-Ani, and former Vice-President Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and two representatives from the Iraqi List, Ahmed al-Alwani and Osman Algehiche, attributing the rejection to the absence of their evidence in the records of the investigation.
The trial in absentia Hashemi has resumed in Baghdad on Thursday morning, on charges of terrorist acts, while the number of individuals tried to protect his presence.
A spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council Abdul Asattaralberkdar "The court session was held this morning in absentia to listen to the testimony of several witnesses in 3 cases the accused al-Hashemi, a number of his bodyguards."
This is the third session of the trial of al-Hashemi, a number of his bodyguards.
Hashemi referred to the resident for nearly two months in Turkey, which required the trial in absentia, and he had expressed his willingness to appear before the court in the event to ensure a fair trial outside Baghdad, which accuses the judiciary of politicization.
The Central Criminal Court had held since the middle of this month, two sessions in the context of the issue Hashemi,
And the last session saw the withdrawal of the defense team after the court rejected a request made by the postponement, the court continued to listen to the witnesses about the crimes attributed to al-Hashemi.
Is being tried in absentia Hashemi on 3 issues are dealt with in one case concerning the assassination of General Manager in the Department of Homeland Security, and an officer in the Ministry of the Interior and the assassination of an Iraqi lawyer.