Electrodes: more than 200 deputies actually signed on the withdrawal of confidence from Mr. al-Maliki
5.30.2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

Mohammed Al Nuaimi - Cairo Dr. Ahmed electrodes member Iraqi Council of Representatives for the Iraqi List, in an interview with (center event news) that the decision to withdraw confidence from Mr. Maliki and his government had already taken and the political blocs now the process of collecting signatures of deputies to see how many who will support the withdrawal of confidence from Mr. Maliki, according to the information that I received far from Irbil that number has Tjazo the (200) Deputy caught actually to withdraw confidence. And on that Maliki will publish pieces of military in Baghdad and the Green Zone to the military coup as if it were to withdraw confidence from said electrodes, "that this is not true and Maliki can not do this because this is a democratic process and the peaceful transfer of power and that if he did that means a military coup would lead to civil war. " "The fact that the next few days there will be a special meeting to vote the no-confidence, and there Marchihan will be announced them in a timely manner. " confirmed "that one of the justifications for the withdrawal of confidence from al-Maliki is the process of arbitrary arrests and human rights abuses and the deteriorating situation in the country, prompting the political blocs to draw the confidence of Mr. Maliki."