The price for not being sacked ..Najafi Directs the Secretary to allocate land Baghdad residential area 600 meters

Babysit and publish documents that caused the failure to vote to withdraw confidence from the Secretary of Baghdad

BAGHDAD - and babysit - revealed official documents for Directive Speaker Osama Najafi to the Mayor of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi to allocate pieces of land for housing members of the House of Representatives after a request by 152 MPsAnd show official documents obtained by news of public opinion (and babysit) copies of "obtaining the request of the House of Representatives and Najafi pieces of land on a residential area 600 meters in a severe housing crisis experienced by all the provinces."
The first document is "application" submitted by the Committee on Members vote of three of its members and the signing of the Vice-Chairman of the Committee addressed to the Chairman of the House of Representatives and dated on the eighth of last month that the Commission "on members discussed the subject and Secretary of Baghdad, confirmed her readiness of land for distribution to the House of Representatives" . The same document carried the sidelines of the House of Representatives Speaker Osama Najafi, "OK, write to the Mayor of Baghdad"
The House of Representatives postponed a vote on the sacking of Baghdad Secretary Saber al-Issawi more than once, most recently on the eighth of this month for lack of quorum the meeting. He accused the Congress, a coalition of law at the time House Speaker Osama al responsibility and beyond throughout the voting after the end of the inclusion in the agenda to ensure a lack of quorum
The second document, which is a "book" an official historian in 11 of the last month and is directed by the President of the House of Representatives over his signature to the Secretary of Baghdad, Sabir al-Issawi content, "We ask you to take the necessary measures to directly allocate pieces of land housing the cushion members of the House of Representatives and let us know as soon as possible"
The third document is the "Book" official (confidential and personal) is directed by the Secretary of Baghdad, Sabir al-Issawi to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, dated 23 of the last month inquiring (Amin of Baghdad) on the two committees to the distribution of residential plots to the deputies the first act in accordance with resolutions the Council of Ministers 39 and 54 for the year 2009 and the second under his chairmanship and responsibility for the distribution of land according to the legislative issue 12 of 2004.
Document included the phrase "so that we can complete all screening procedures." And carried the margin of Osama Najafi and content, "circulated to MPs" and dated on the sixth of this month. And approved the allocation of residential plots of land includes the setting 325 deputies and members of the House of Representatives and former members of the former National Assembly the right of access to residential plots with areas of 600 meters