Ethel Nujaifi: number needed to dismiss al-Maliki will be required beyond the first prime minister said the democratically
Date: Thursday, 31.05.2012 2:21

Baghdad / WAP / governor of Nineveh province said the leader of the Iraqi List, Ethel Najafi: "The number of deputies who signed the dismissal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to be exceeded, and will be the first Prime Minister of Iraq are being sacked in a democratic way.

He told Baghdad International / WAP / Thursday morning: "the Iraqi List, so far collected 70 signatures, in addition to 10 is expected to sign Thursday of the present in faraway places."

He added: "The Sadrist movement signed 40 dismissal of the signing of the blood-Maliki, as well as the Kurdistan Alliance and its members completed the signing of the modern with a list of constant change, bringing the number to 57."

He noted that "some members of the National Alliance and signed Lee dismissal, and the Supreme Council has promised a vote within the Council on the dismissal, but they did not sign with the signatories."

He explained: "I started the first practical steps to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, and expressed his hope" that we hear good news in two days to announce the victory of the Iraqi will to the will of other countries.