A source close: the leaders are preparing for the call (palace coup) on Maliki

Baghdad, London / Orr News / privateSources close to the political party that the call "adult party their leaders are currently working on creating a general conference of the party is the announcement of the separation-Maliki and the group that surrounded him, in a move to preserve the reputation of the party and his legacy."According to sources who spoke to the Agency (UR), and required to remain anonymous, the "movement Alancakkakah this time will look like a break is different, will announce the isolation of the" Group of al-Maliki "only, which marginalized the party leaders and caused Ptdharr reputation and mocked the street to party supporters to" Da'uggih "after an outbreak of corruption, corruption and failure to provide services and on the uniqueness and the prevalence of nepotism. "The sources pointed out that "the candidates front-chances are Ali al-Adeeb and Khudair Khuzaie to take over the presidency of the party and there are those pushing for re-Ibrahim al-Jaafari, but they lack, in front of supporters of al-Adeeb," adding that "the writer and Khuzaie the most prominent leaders who treated al-Maliki Bhdah not afraid to tell him frankly or criticized publicly in party meetings, so he moved away some time ago for meetings and all the usual traditions. "The same sources reveal that "the partisan leaders of the call entered in the marathon negotiations with blocks and other political parties to arrange a prime minister in case of insistence on the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki, to ensure that does not keep the party out of a cake the next government." It confirmed that the "four leaders of the Dawa Party, recently held meetings with the leaders of the Sadrist movement and the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan on the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki."Observers believe that the (palace coup) against Maliki comes after that is a lot of leaders feel the burden posed by, and the fear of loss of power from their hands, after turning the party into a mini-state positions, privileges and lines backward and forward, as well as drawings of the policy of the country, and landed the Stnhal blows it out of the closet a few years after the Allies did not remain friendly real and solid partnership with them, especially the "Supreme Council" the old arch, and the Sadr movement, "new rivals", or Virtue Party "soft zone" in the alliances.In contrast to the leaders of a coalition of state law associates of al-Maliki, is the Attorney on Alfalh and Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords, and some heads of independent bodies, which became a subsidiary of the group al-Maliki Kalheiih Iraqi public broadcasting services and the transmitter and the Iraqi Media Network and leaders of the security denominator Atta, spokesman of government official Ali al-Dabbagh, According to sources, "seeking to thwart any attempts from within the call for the withdrawal of their hands for Maliki to provide concessions and the like to lure centrist party cadres to ensure their voices in favor of al-Maliki if he general conference of the party."In the details, according to sources, "the group that surrounded Mr. Maliki, it suffers from fragmentation, leads his group Valshahbandar deduced from Skinner and his group, and activates the son of al-Maliki with a group of his relatives in the formation of the scope of power and influence depend on the intelligence agencies and some private security."Going back to the state complaining party, experienced by the "call" the limbs several see that (the group al-Maliki), "have nothing in common to the party nothing, especially after the receipt of Maliki's power and he turned around cadres, most of them veterans of the Baathists, which was confirmed by Kurdish leaders that watched and counted 460 Baathist major sites are running a military mission, security and civilian, appointed by al-Maliki over the years of his rule since 2006 and so far. "And adapts opinion Kurdish with the views of leaders of the top of the party the likes of Salim al-Hassani historian of the Dawa Party, Hashim al-Musawi, who split from the Dawa Party in 1999 when he announced the organization and he called the "Islamic Call" without naming the party, the payment of Khudair Khuzaie and Abdulkarim Anzi was a translation of a node the absence of "Leadership", and then split Anzi and announced, "the organization of Iraq's Dawa Party," and the party was to combine all arms of including the organization of Izz al-Din Salim when he took over al-Jaafari as prime minister, who's just split, a split or fragmentation third in the history of the Dawa Party. The first division is on 1981 and led by Izz al-Din Salim, and despite the fact that these rifts in the party got but they were not justified where the dissidents did not differ on the thought of the party, but they differed on the mechanics of choosing the head of the party and his aides