Sadrists show flexibility in dealing with political crisis, says State of Law Coalition

29/05/2012 17:36

Baghdad, May 29 (AKnews) - The State of Law Coalition led by the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said today that the Sadrist Movement has shown flexibility during the past few days in dealing with the current political crisis, adding that all the parties of the National Alliance (NA) are united and agree on holding the national conference to resolve the political differences.

The announcement about the Sadrist movement's flexibility came as the Kurdish Blocs Coalition and Iraqiya discussed yesterday in Erbil several options to end the current crisis that has prevailed the country since the withdrawal of US forces at the end of last year.

Leader in the coalition Ali al-Allak said: "There's a difference of views with the Sadrist Movement, but the movement surprised everyone by announcing its position about giving chances.

"The Sadrists seek to resolve the current crisis through a letter that considers the implementation of reforms as its priorities and we said that there are practical points in the letter of Erbil, Najaf and other communications that can be adopted at the national conference.

"The movement is so far an important part of the NA and it had announced about its commitment to the unity of the alliance and the latter rejected all types of threats to withdraw confidence from the government."

By Raman Brosk